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  • Quality Assurance

    OEM of Disney Dachuang and other brands

    Exported to Japan, Europe and America all year round

    Domestic famous supermarket on the market

    Long-term cooperation with many famous domestic enterprises

    Quality concept of Shanghai enterprises

    All products are fully inspected and delivered

  • Comprehensive Technology

    Several patents in the printing and stationery industries

    15 years of paper and plastic production experience

    can produce more than ten kinds of stickers

    Professional stationery R&D team

About Us

The predecessor of the company was founded in Shanghai in 2006, mainly producing stickers, stationery and gifts, etc. It is a professional factory with more than ten years of production experience.
The company's customers are mainly foreign trade companies in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Guangdong. They have been contracted by many internationally renowned enterprises for years, mainly exported to Japan, Europe and the United States, and their products have been sold in Japanese and American supermarkets and online for years. The domestic business is mainly engaged in the sales promotion stickers of large enterprises and the OEM production of brand distributors.
&The company can produce more than ten kinds of stickers, and is one of the manufacturers with complete technology in the industry. The company has a number of patented technologies and a professional stationery research and development team.
"High quality and low price, courage to innovate" is our business philosophy and core competitiveness. company Formulate a number of enterprise standards, produce strictly according to the standards, and ensure that all products are fully inspected and shipped.

Shanghai Caichang Stationery Co., Ltd.

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Contact person:Mr Yu


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